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Warehouse Management System

AllFit's Warehouse Management System is one of the keys to our supply chain management. We aim to control the movement and storage of products proficiently within our warehouse and process shipping, staging shipping, and receiving as timely and methodically as possible. Our management system monitors the progress of products through our warehouse by location locator processes (LLP).

AllFit's employees work together to ensure that products are received, inspected, sorted, stored, shipped, and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our warehouse storage space is predetermined, so we are always aware of product placement within our facility.

Packaging, crating, pullitizing, unloading, tracking, inspecting pallets, managing inventory, providing quality control inspections, cross docking and distribution services, bar coding.

Received items are scanned into our system and inventoried for easy access when product is needed.

Our facility can effectively accommodate any load size, weight, or shape.

Cycle Counting? Our warehouse management system and blind counting go hand in hand, and serve as a check and balance for accurate inventory control.

Warehouse management divides the warehouse into many compartments and bins to help organize the inventory. This allows you to find specific items in the warehouse.

Warehouse management is integrated with our inventory management software.
Looking for a business that can fulfill all your logistic, warehousing, distribution, and final mile delivery needs? We offer complete supply chain services, which we make adaptable to your company's needs and requirements.

Boost Speed to market
Tangible and measurable value
Overflow and seasonal warehousing
Reverse logistics / Return Processing
Purchase of overstock and return product(s)
Control your supply chain cost
Process for handling and disposing of
damaged or returned merchandise
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