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Cross-Docking Services

All Fit is a full-service storage, distribution, logistics, and transportation company offering cross-docking services as a cost-effective and efficient distribution strategy for order fulfillment and merchandise handling.

Cross-Docking is a logistics practice of receiving product from an incoming container or trailer and loading these materials into outbound transport with little or no storage in between thereby providing efficiencies for a quick turnaround as well as cost savings.

AllFit's cross-docking facility is designed to help streamline the supply chain from point of origin to point of destination offering a cost effective logistics solution for every distribution need.

Pool Distribution is a cross-docking service in which the products are collectively shipped to a geographic region; then items are divided and shipped to numerous destinations within that area. (Consolidation is the reverse.)

Transloading is when goods are transferred from one mode of shipping to another, often used when one form of transportation can not be used for the entire trip.

If you are looking to make some changes to your current distribution process, Contact All Fit for more information about the benefits of Cross-Docking.

Developing a Cross-Docking Distribution Strategy
AllFit develops cross-docking distribution strategies for clients looking to improve inefficiencies and save money on their distribution costs by avoiding long-term storage fees. As products are received in the facility they are quickly shipped with minimal to no storage.

Whether you are cross-docking full pallets of merchandise, consolidating shipments or re-distributing partial load, cross-docking offers customers a mechanism for speed in the supply chain distribution process.

Cross-Docking requires advanced knowledge of the inbound merchandise, knowledge of the product's destination, and an infrastructure for routing product to the proper outbound vehicle.

Cross-Docking Facility With over 200,000 square feet of warehousing space, AllFit's state-of-the-art warehouse facility was designed with 24 dock doors and a cross-dock environment for the quick and efficient redistribution of your company's incoming merchandise onto outgoing transport vehicles.
Looking for a business that can fulfill all your logistic, warehousing, distribution, and final mile delivery needs? We offer complete supply chain services, which we make adaptable to your company's needs and requirements.

Boost Speed to market
Tangible and measurable value
Overflow and seasonal warehousing
Reverse logistics / Return Processing
Purchase of overstock and return product(s)
Control your supply chain cost
Process for handling and disposing of
damaged or returned merchandise

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