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David Little is the President/CEO and founder of All Fitness Solutions (AllFit). The company was established in 2005 to provide clients with warehousing, cross-docking, logistics, and distribution services. David, an innovative businessman, has over 16 years of experience within these fields. While maintaining a strong foothold in those services, David has developed a specialization for purchasing and selling large lots of used fitness equipment off three year lease and facilities wanting to sell older units. His company focuses on developing creative solutions for retailers and manufacturers, as well as offering a one-source solution within the fitness industry for assembly, delivery, installation, and service. He has performed business across the U.S. and overseas. AllFit's successful entrepreneurial ventures are evidence of his understanding of:

*Strategic and tactical planning
*Standard operating procedures
*Supply chain management
*Customer service and resolution
*Quality control performance systems

David, and his company, is known for his passion, strong work ethic, integrity, make-it-happen demeanor, and being proactive not reactive. His clients appreciate his hands-on business approach and his belief in going the extra mile to get things done the right way. He is an industry professional whose gregarious personality has allowed him to make strong personal connections that are often beneficial to his clients.

David continuously works toward exceeding expectations. He is an innovator, who is able to motivate and inspire his colleagues and clients with his vision for the company's future role in the fitness industry and beyond.

"Pursue each goal with clear-minded determination. Concentrated energy cannot be contained. Its invigorating power must ultimately be released, changing everything it touches and accomplishing the extraordinary."
Looking for a business that can fulfill all your logistic, warehousing, distribution, and final mile delivery needs? We offer complete supply chain services, which we make adaptable to your company's needs and requirements.

Boost Speed to market
Tangible and measurable value
Overflow and seasonal warehousing
Reverse logistics / Return Processing
Purchase of overstock and return product(s)
Control your supply chain cost
Process for handling and disposing of
damaged or returned merchandise
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